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Cross platform graphical user interface for GIT.

V 2.5.6 Jul 2024


Product Featuress

The main features of git are support

Clone, pull, push, fetch, branch, etc are support. Large file support (LFS). Git gui client for Windows, Mac & Linux. Free and open source. Suitable for beginners and professionals


Statistics report to track project activities, code lines, branches


Search in the history and file bodies, including different file formats, commit messages, tags and branches


View revision, revision difference. Project and file history and commit details. Extremely good file difference tool

Advanced search

Girember's advanced search option offers robust capabilities for thorough and efficient exploration of historical commits within file bodies. This feature stands out by allowing users to perform deep searches not only within text-based files but also across a wide range of popular file formats. These include, but are not limited to, graphics, office documents, drawings, and more.

Comprehensive File Format Support.

  • Text Files: Search through plain text files and source code with ease.
  • Graphics: Index and search through graphic files including PNG, JPEG, GIF, and SVG.
  • Office Documents: Seamlessly search within Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and other office formats like PDFs and OpenOffice files.
  • Drawings: Navigate through CAD drawings and other technical illustration formats (DXF, STL, etc).

File Difference Tool

Diff File Viewer

  • Unified Diff: Displays changes inline within a single column, highlighting additions and deletions.
  • Context Diff: Provides context around changes, showing a few lines before and after the modified sections to give a clearer picture of the changes.
  • Side-by-Side Diff: Presents changes in a dual-pane view, where the original file is on one side and the modified file on the other, making it easier to compare line-by-line.